As in classic stage fencing, we work with the principles we learned throughout our historic combat expirience. Thereby it ist far more easy for the spectator to understand the actions on stage, i.e. who is attacking, and who is defending. By consequently working the saber at the duelpartner the basic impression is far more dramatic.

Through embedding historical fight concepts which were traded from the anciend fencing masters our choreographies became more devesified and alowed us far more complex combinations of combat maneauvers. The problem of not having any crossguards attached to our saber hilts are compensatet within the techniques we fence.


All Techniques, from simple filling Piece to complex maneauvers will be learned in fixed modules, which can we attached to each other systematicly. Thereby it is possible to create dramatic and diverse coreographies thar can exceed several minutes  withot major effort. To make the arrangement of combat modules even easier we wor with choreography cards, which allow the fencer to built up his own choreography within minutes. Aside the classic stage fencing moves and techniques, we teach the empressive force maneuavers and bind them into our combat system. The force techniques should appear to the spectator as realistic as a classic sword blow.


The modules we use for choreography can also be used to fence them spontaniously as a free swordplay. Thereby the advanced fencer is capable of doing an instant show with his partner without having a fixed choreography prepared.

Aside the classic lightsaber we train in higher levels the use of the saberstaff as well as double weapon combat

We train also our students in free fighting skills within the safety rules that appear in the frame of friendly fighting..

Within our regular training plan, we offer weekend seminars on request. For terminating those seminars we need a bit of time to organise. We need at least 8 partiticipants per seminar to make a house visit work. Not national seminars on request, but travel costs has to be compensated.

Right now we have no further training slots in our weekly training vacant.